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Announce Challenge Day

The Ministry of Culture and Sports, via the Department of Sport and Recreation, unveiled the activities performed by Challenge Day, and the delivery of platelets to several mayors of municipalities that were winners in the year 2013.

"We want to involve as many people in physical activity, Not only the 15 minute challenge, bell as a model of healthy living, last year, Guatemala reported participation 139 thousand Guatemalans ", Francisco Ardón comments, Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation.


In the press conference also attended Dwight Pezzarossi, Comisonado Presidential Sport; Martín MACHON, Director of the Department of Physical Education (Digef); Ignacio González, Executive Director, National Council for Sport and Recreation-Conader- Amparo and Bust, Challenge Day Coordinator and Head of Supervision Vice Substantive Areas of Sport and Recreation.

Mayors who received a plaque of recognition from the Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation and sent by the International Sport for All Association (TAFISA). are: Efrain Carlos Melgar, mayor of Jerez, Jutiapa; Theophilus stained, The Advancement, Jutiapa; Gustavo Adolfo Recinos, Jalpatagua; Jorge Mario Maldonado, San Pablo, San Marcos; Rudy Edelman, Zunilito, Suchitepéquez.

Challenge Day will be held on 28 May in the Plaza of the Constitution, from the 9 morning where they have different activities, aerobics, pintacaritas, balloon twisting and dance club elderly, inter alia. Activities will also be held in the Park Erick Barrondo, Sports Centre Gerona, Roosevelt Fields, Field of Mars, sports centers and schools within the country. Just as in the various offices of the institutions that make Conader.



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