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Challenge Day


dia del desafio



Challenge Day was created in Canada and has been spread throughout the world by the International Association of Sport for All (TAFISA), an organization that promotes sport for all, entity based in Germany.

This is a campaign to encourage regular physical activity to benefit health and takes place annually on the last Wednesday in May, through community action. In the Americas is coordinated by the SP SESCP (Brazilian bank) from 2010.

The city gets mobilize more people, It is the victory, the challenge, but the big winners are the citizens to adopt healthy habits for the benefit of health.

How it works?

The Day of the event, citizens of all ages participate in a friendly competition that occurs between cities of similar size, intended to mobilize the highest percentage of population in relation to the official number of inhabitants of the municipality.

The only competition aims to encourage participation! The winners are the citizens who exercise social integration, creativity, leadership and community spirit.

Our Activity

Participating this year in Guatemala 142 cities (between departmental capitals and municipal). Inside departmental developers perform the same activity in their localities.

Our main activity will be in the Plaza of the Constitution from the 9 in the morning, with an exhibition of Mayan Ball, dance club for older, aerobic, Recreational mimes and clowns.

This year they invited 65 between government and private institutions to be part of the Challenge, for our program volunteers reach their adult labor institutions do 15 minutes of physical activity 9 a 12.

Erick Barrondo Park, Sports Centre Gerona, Field of Mars and Roosevelt Fields join the initiative and also have activities at the same time.

The hope that together share the Challenge Day and be part of the world in motion.

Accept the Challenge, I am part of the action!

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