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World Theatre Day – 27 March

afiche dia mundial de teatroThe world of performing arts is celebrating today by the World Theatre Day, which is held in different cities with different festivals, conferences, workshops and assemblies
In Guatemala takes place every year on National Theatre Festival, around the time of the global commemoration, which instituted, in 1961, the International Theatre Institute (ITI).

This time, The festival reaches its eighth edition and will be held from 2 to the 13 April, with 16 stage effects and two workshops.

Also, the organizing team and the Guatemalan Red Theatre will honor the National Artist Antonio Guitron, who has devoted 36 years of his life to performing arts.

According to the Guatemalan Red Theatre, Guitron deserves this recognition because it has been an engine of youth theater in Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango, where he grew up and studied, it has promoted local talent to take it to different countries in Latin America.


Under the National Theatre Festival will be held trainings, at the Cultural Center of Spain in Guatemala (CCE/G) Lizard and Nucleus Project Guatemala taught two workshops.

The 1 to the 5 April, the Spanish Fernando Renjifo offer, at the Cultural Center of Spain in Guatemala, area 1, the workshop "Performing Poetics", which is aimed at professional and amateur performing arts who want to perfect their theater work.

The second workshop is "Memory and Forgetting in dramatic action", by Marcelo Solares of Guatemala, the 7 to the 11 April, in the Golden Hall, Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias, area 1.

More information from the two activities by emails and training @ cceguatemala.org lagartija.guatemala@gmail.com.

Universal Message

Each year, to commemorate the World Theatre Day, an outstanding figure in this art is invited by the International Theatre Institute (ITI) to share their reflections on this artistic branch. This time he was commissioned to text South African director Brett Bailey.


"Under the trees in small towns, and the highly technical scenarios in global metropolises; in halls of schools and camps and temples; in slums, in public places, community centers and inner-city basements, people are attracted to share in the ephemeral theatrical world we create to express our human complexity, our diversity, our vulnerability, raw, and encouragement, and voice.

We gather to weep and to remember; to laugh and contemplate; to learn and to affirm and to imagine. To marvel at the technical skill, and to embody the gods. To capture our collective breath in our ability for compassion and beauty and monstrosity. We come to refuel, y the empoderarnos. To celebrate the richness of our diverse cultures, and to dissolve the boundaries that divide us.

Where there is human society, the irrepressible spirit of representation manifests. Born in the community, wearing masks and costumes of our various traditions. Use our languages ​​and rhythms and gestures, and clears a space between us.

We, the artists we work with this ancestral spirit, we feel compelled to channel it through our hearts, our ideas and our bodies to reveal our realities. But in this age, in which many millions struggling to survive, are suffering under oppressive regimes and predatory capitalism, are fleeing conflict and adversity; where our privacy is invaded by secret services and our words are censored by government meddling…”

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