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Donation of sports equipment benefit users Barrondo park

The collaboration of various institutions facilitated about a donation of sports equipment to practice gymnastics in the sports park Erick Barrondo the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The ceremony was held in the hall of gymnastics, Wednesday 25 March, which was attended by Minister of Culture and Sports, Dwight Pezzarossi, Ambassador of Japan in Guatemala Eiichi Kawahara, Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation, Francisco Ardón, and Dr. Fernando Beltranena, Standing Advisory Olympic Guatemalan Foundation.

The ceremony began with the intervention of the Minister Pezzarossi who during his speech, sent a motivational message to users. He said that "with effort and dedication can achieve goals. It is possible that the next representative of Guatemala in artistic gymnastics is in this gym, but to reach the top must fight every day ".

The devices were donated by the people of Japan through its accredited embassy in Guatemala, to strengthen social projects and depending on crime prevention. It also seeks to strengthen Guatemalan athletes and encourage the practice of sports of all kinds, additional to those already existing in recreation centers.

Ana Sofia Gomez medalists and Jorge Vega attended the delivery of equipment and end of the activity performed a routine to demonstrate each grade implement is used in international competitions. Also became a face class with children beneficiaries.

These tools are located in a hall of Barrondo park. Its main beneficiaries are children who belong to Hoodlinks project and sports academies of the Directorate General of Sport and Recreation.

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