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Dwight Pezzarossi meets with representatives of Festival Rabin Ajaw

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Dwight Pezzarossi held a meeting this day outreach event with representatives of election and coronation of National Indigenous Queen "Rabin Ajaw". The delegation consisted of the head of the Defence of Indigenous Women (HALF), Gloria Lainez, and the current Queen Indigenous Rabin Ajaw, Anita Perez Cholotío.

DEMI director showed his gratitude to the Minister for the opening Pezzarossi shown during his tenure and acknowledged her willingness to work at the forefront of this portfolio. The meeting was attended Festival organizers and informed the staff about the work required to perform the selection of the National Queen, and the importance of this event.

Among the topics covered, Ajaw Rabin expressed the need to encourage the participation of Indigenous Queens within the Ministry of Culture and Sports. For his part, Minister expressed his consent and support to continue supporting the Festival Choice Ajaw Rabin and position it as a transcendental activity of Guatemalan culture.

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