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EAnd, symbolizes the path and destination. Is the guide. Is that leads to a fixed point. One of the Weather Boots. It is the protection of travelers and walkers. Conducts spiritual and material life.

And, It is what makes human achievement possible in all areas and in all manifestations. But it can also symbolize the obstacles humans face in the continuing search for that realization.

And, It is a good day to move anywhere. In case of danger, Ajaw E is what gives protection. Also good day to thank the physical, the life of the people and work. It is a very sacred day. For this reason, you can ask your protection, as the Popol Vuh says "they do not fall in the fall or in the road rise. Obstacles are not behind or in front of them, nor anything which strikes. Give them good roads, hermosos flat roads ... ".

it's the journey, the journey and the journey. Ceremonies and invocations to clean the road hazards and accidents are offered.

Spiritual function

Protection against the temptations.
Protection against road hazards.
Day to start a project.
Protection day pilots.
Day to channel the destination.

Characteristics of a person born in E
Its origin and destination K'at, Ajpu.


  • It is friendly and hardworking.
  • 's Guide and counselor
  • It is affectionate and cheerful.
  • It can be a merchant traveler and.
  • Lucky, decided, including.
  • Careful the things.


Possible Weaknesses

  • Suspicious and insecure.
  • Sometimes may suffer.
  • It varies with your character.
  • Is nervous and fragile.
  • Impatient at times.

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