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The Mexican bibliographic available at the National Library

mexico guatemala biblioteca_1016
mexico guatemala biblioteca_1016

With a ceremonial act performed on Friday 14 November in the lobby of the building of the National Library of Guatemala "Luis Cardoza y Aragón", delivery was made official on loan for ten years the book collection of the Embassy of Mexico in Guatemala.

The event was attended by His Excellency Ambassador of Mexico in Guatemala Carlos Tirado and Dwight Pezzarossi Minister for Culture and Sports, They signed an agreement in which the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the National Library of Guatemala are committed to protecting and conserving around 6,000 books that constitute the Fund Mexico.

The Diplomat of the neighboring country emphasized the richness of the Spanish language, which share Latin American and Spanish-speaking countries, and indicated that the books presented the Mexican Embassy to the National Library of Guatemala are produced in Mexico, but the authors of them are from different countries of the world.

For his part, Minister of Culture and Sports thanked the Ambassador of Mexico and the Mexican people for this act of brotherhood towards our country, also highlighted the great source of knowledge, education and culture they represent books received. In his speech Pezzarossi took the opportunity to congratulate and thank the Library Director Ilonka Matute and all the personnel of the entity for the effort dedication in the performance of their duties.

The government official acknowledged that the agreement, is the commitment made by the MDC and the National Library, conserve and protect the library collection Mexico Fund for Guatemalan and Guatemalan these books are available for consultation.

The Library Director said that the books of the Fund of Mexico from this date, longer available to be viewed by the Guatemalan society. This library collection now has its own space known as the "Mexico Fund".
After the formal ceremony was held the symbolic ribbon cutting, to declare open the public consultation Mexican bibliographic, in which Mexican Ambassador participated, Minister of Culture and the Library Director, then the authorities and the attendees took a tour to appreciate literary works that make up the collection.

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