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El Centro Cívico es declarado Patrimonio Cultural

The Ministry of Culture declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation's historic assembly Guatemala City Centre and its areas of influence, according to the Ministerial Agreement 189-2014 which was published Friday in the official journal.

GUATEMALA CITY – The paper highlights the properties and public spaces in this sector represent exceptional architectural components and features, to which they must give a special conservation treatment according to their importance.

With this statement, is to lay the foundation for the conservation and recovery of anthropological place, for present and future generations.

The Historic Civic Center, located in the area 1, is delimited by the 21 street and 6 Avenue to the east, by 21 street, up to the 8 avenue; area of ​​Guatemala and National Bank Mortgage Credit will border, and in the 24 takes to the street 6 Avenue closing the polygon at the starting point.

The area of ​​influence extends from 18 street, between 4 and 10 Avenue Area 1, heading south for the 10 avenue, eastward across the 21 street, up to the 12 Avenue Area 5, according to the west by the 26 Street Area 5 up to the 7 Avenue Area 4, followed by 24 Street Area 4 to Bolivar Avenue Area 1, towards 19 street, on 4 Avenue Area 1, closing up the 18 street in that area.

The General Directorate of Culture and Natural Heritage, through the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property, has a period of three months to issue protective measures, defense, conservation and reclamation area.
The agreement is effective from Friday.

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