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He Conservation Center and Research Tikal


He Conservation Center and Research Tikal (CCIT), was built and equipped by a cooperative project of the Government of Japan to the Government of Guatemala, through the International Cooperation Agency of Japan (JICA) and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, which was inaugurated 6 July of the year 2012, as far as work units was incorporated by the Tikal National Park, Directorate General of Cultural and Natural Heritage, under the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Guatemala.

CCIT facilities, are within the Maya Biosphere Reserve and because it is Mixed Heritage, was taken into account that the materials used in the building were friendly to the environment, high thermal insulation and natural resources of the area will take advantage, using various passive technology that do not harm the environment, as the use of solar panels, collection and use of rainwater, underground ventilation ducts, inter alia, greatly reducing the environmental impact of area.

The main objective of this center, ensure the conservation, restoration, research, receipt and dissemination of Movable Cultural Heritage of Guatemala, and promote the importance of conservation and research of archaeological sites in Guatemala.

The CCIT has an administrative area, offices, Laboratory for Conservation and Restoration, Auditorium, Digital information center and a small gallery exhibition of archaeological pieces.

The opening hours are Monday to Sunday 8:00 a.m. a 4:00 p.m. entry is free.

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