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The IDAEH commemorates his 68 Anniversary

Autoridades del Viceministerio de Patrimonio Cultural y Natural y el IDAEH junto con algunas colaboradoras homenajeadas y la reina del IDAEH.

Authorities of the Vice Ministry of Cultural and Natural Heritage and IDAEH along with some partners are honored and Queen IDAEH.

This morning was celebrated with a formal ceremony and sporting and cultural activities, the anniversary of the Institute of Anthropology and History IDAEH, the day 23 February complies 68 year anniversary.

The activity was attended by Rosa Maria Chan, Viceministra de Patrimonio Cultural y Natural, Oscar Mora, Director General of Cultural and Natural Heritage and Daniel Aquino, Manager IDAEH, addition to colleagues and special guests.

Speaking, Deputy Minister thanked the contributors for the effort IDAEH performed daily for the protection and preservation of our heritage. Oscar Mora also recognized and emphasized the value of the work of each of the persons working in the institution.

Authorities made the Vice received a diploma and distinctive pin to employees who have been working for several years in the IDAEH, helping to strengthen the Guatemalan culture and enlarge.

As part of the celebration of 68 anniversary, took out a super class aerobics and dance to the collaborators of the Institute, led by an instructor, the Vice Ministry of Sport, while for men papifútbol lightning championship was organized, which was won by the team of archaeologists from the National Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology MUNAE.

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