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The Ministry of Culture and Sports presents the Cultural Information System

The Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures held the launch of the Cultural Information System sic, in a ceremony held at the Banquet Hall of the National Palace.

This project presented Monday 1 December is an information system developed by the Ministry, and will have a range of national and international level. Aims to preserve, promote, rescue and spread the great cultural heritage of Guatemala, through a dynamic website under the direction www.sic.mcd.gob.gt. The site may verify qualitative data, quantitative and different expressions multicultural country. Register and disseminates cultural information at all levels.

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Dwight Pezzarossi declared: "This project will be critical to strengthening our cultural identity. It all aspects that identify us as Guatemalans are concentrated. It is important dissemination to all sectors, mainly children and youth in its formative stage. "

Given the importance that implies having a national cultural information system for Guatemala, the -MCD- integrated the design of the National Cultural Information System within the set of related Promotion and Policy Coordination for Social Diversity and Pluralism Studies.

Among the topics covered in this Cultural Information System of the Ministry of Culture and Sports: Traditional Art, gastronomy, spirituality, TK, cultural landscapes, protected nature reserves, ecological parks, literature, audiovisual industry, cultural tourism, schools, language teaching academies, Conservatories, museums, theaters, cultural centers, sacred places, libraries, cultural agenda of the day, awards to personalities, inter alia.

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