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The Tikal National Park and its Peripheral Sites

Considered the city emblem of Maya Civilization, Tikal National Park in northeastern Petén department, currently has an area extension 576 km². Within this area besides the temples and places that are known for tourism are located several archaeological sites that have not been explored in full.

In May 1955 was declared a National Park and 1970 National Monument. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in the year of 1979, because of its historical potential and its natural and cultural treasures.

Within the "Talks Archaeology", title that names the lecture 2014 National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (MUNAE) on Tuesday 21 October was carried out in the seventh conference facilities of this cycle, given by Mr. Jorge Archaeology Chocón current Administrator of the park.

In his presentation, Graduate Chocón, shared information about 15 archaeological sites that are still inside the jungle surrounding the central area of ​​the city of Tikal. Chocón spoke about the dangers and risks faced by sites, most of which are caused by looting and illegal excavations. Also, informed of the actions being undertaken to avoid predation of these places.

In order to be able to locate archaeological sites found around the Tikal Park, Archaeological Atlas of the Directorate General of Cultural and Natural Heritage has spent the last few years to make a record of such sites. This represents a step forward for the protection and conservation of the patrimony of the Nation.

The Park Manager said it is necessary to change the idea that Tikal is only the central city and you have to take into account not only the other sites that are in the area of ​​the park and its natural wealth, thus to protect and preserve this place as representative of our country.

The lecture 2014 the MUNAE continues, entry to the talks are free and are intended for Guatemalan society, revealing all information on progress in the study on Maya archeology.

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