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The program called "Inclusion and Coexistence"

Inclusion y Convivencia 4
Inclusion y Convivencia 4

The address of the Vice Substantive Areas of Sport and Recreation, Ministry of Culture and Sports, is responsible for the implementation and development, several sports programs, artistic and cultural. These programs include one that stands out from the others by its great human and social sense is a program called "Inclusion and Coexistence".

Dulce Lopez, one of the partners and promoters of this program, states that the primary objective of "Inclusion and Coexistence", is to reduce the levels of violence and crime and thereby strengthening the development of a culture of peace for all and all Guatemalans.

Inclusion and Living is a program that according to Dulce Lopez, is divided into three main areas, which without the following:

  1. Strengthening Social tissue: where sports and recreational activities are.
  2. Harm Reduction: where improvement or motivational talks are held, performed skits awareness.
  3. Tearing Down Walls: this axis focuses primarily on people who are deprived of freedom.

This program with its three main axes develops and focuses on those, from children to older adults, who are in a vulnerable state of violence and crime. People who live in places d little access to education and a better life in general.

Hugo Castellanos, volunteer program, explains that activities are developed with efforts and collaborations with other government institutions and private institutions. These activities are conducted one to two times a week in different continuing care centers that already have located.

According Castellanos, This program seeks to reduce violence and crime performing activities that distract the minds of those people who are able to street and vulnerability as well as being likely to commit a criminal act. To that end many of the activities take place in the hours that people are working outside of work such as departure time or lunch time.

Also this program includes activities in 19 of 23 preventive and correctional centers that are in our country both men and women with programs that also include the sons and daughters of people who are detained in these centers. Similarly this type of activity in areas of the city where violence and alcohol and drugs are factors that affect entire families and through this program and its activities are encouraged and sensitizes people are made to they can find a better way of life.

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