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The "Rock" is also Culture


Maco Luna, Band “Body and Soul”.

Wednesday night 11 this month, Luis Cardoza y Aragón the National Library, I hosted the first "Rockversatorio" entitled: Classic Rock in Guatemala and attended seven pioneering musicians of this genre in our country.

Ilonka Matute, Library Director, said it is pleasing that the National Library can be a place where we would find this kind of artistic expression and cultural, as forms of expression of human thought.

The activity was a forum where representatives of seven Guatemalan musicians beginning of the movement "Rock" participated in the decades of the sixties and seventies. These Marco Tulio Quinones, singer of "Crazy Horse" which is among the first groups who penetrated to experiment with this genre, influenced by the music of European and American groups mostly.

All panelists recounted his experience of being "rocker" in those years, which were marked by repression, internal war, Earthquake 1,976 and social changes, cultural, political and ideological that were occurring in Guatemala and worldwide.

This type of music has been adopted almost worldwide, by generations of young people who wanted a change for societies, besides being a manifestation of rebellion and nonconformity with the ideology that drove the governments of the time, expressing his thoughts in a creative way, through a musical style that remains in force today.

Haroldo Zamora, event organizer, expressed his enthusiasm to have gathered representatives from Rock in Guatemala, because this music is also culture and musicians present are showing the diversity of talent that our country has, expressed.

He said he would like to continue these activities to also released another perspective of the history of Guatemala. To close the forum, musicians delighted the audience with his repertoire of classic songs.

Culture, engine of development!

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