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El Wayeb' inicia la transición a un Año Nuevo

From 21 February the arrival of a new year will be held in the agricultural calendar Maya. Prior to the arrival of this new series have been held activities for the Wayeb '. This is a five-day period in which we reflect on what has been done in the previous year and is appreciated for its achievements. The celebrations in the period Wayeb 'be around the day of the Marimba and Tecun Uman, the 20 February, and Mother Language Day, the 21.

It refers to the close of the agricultural year old, and prepares the arrival of the new year starts 21 February. The Wayeb 'is a month of 5 days, which adds to the 18 months 20 day of the agricultural year, and that, when added, total 365 days, He pointed Demetrius Cojtí, Director General of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures.

The first day was held on Sunday 16 February, day is used to make a healing and spiritual purification. The second day the energies required so that the new cycle has the expected results. On the third day requests are made to correct the defects of the year just ended. The fourth day is suitable for wisdom and knowledge, and finally the fifth is the one that focuses on asking grandparents guide people to the new year.

The agricultural calendar is composed of 18 months, each with 20 days and a small month ending the year, which corresponds to Wayeb '. As spiritual leaders, this name is not accurate to Spanish translation, but can be identified as closure period year old, preparation for the new year.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports, in fulfillment of one of its functions which asserts "promote and disseminate cultural identity and civic values ​​of the Nation under its multiethnic and multicultural nature that characterizes", supports the commemoration of Wayeb '.

The Agreement on Identity and Rights of Indigenous Peoples, recognizes the importance and specificity of Maya spirituality and stipulates the obligation of the State to recognize, respect and protect the various forms of spirituality practiced by the Maya, Xinka y Garífuna.

The Culture, engine of development!

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