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In search of profit and Strengthening of the National Arts and Culture

The Theater of Fine Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, It is a center of cultural diffusion, which aims to bring art and culture to the Guatemalan society especially people who do not have sufficient resources.

In order to create approaches to staff and to hear the voice of the people working with the MCD Dwight Pezzarossi Minister for Culture and Sports, after taking office, has been conducting a series of visits and tours of the various entities that make up the ministry that directs.

This time day 24 this month, Pezzarossi visited the Fine Arts Theatre, Elena Avenue located in the capital city. The Minister toured the facilities there to assess the situation of the theater and listen to the requests and suggestions of the people who perform their duties there.

The official said those present for their willingness to work for you during this time in office, improve the situation of each of the arts institutions, cultural and all those that are part of the MCD.

This is an initiative of the Minister of Culture and Sports, that benefits not only the image and conditions of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, but also strengthens the promotion and protection of the culture of our country.

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