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Public Delivery of Municipal Cultural Development Plan Ixchil San Gaspar

Huehuetenango. The 15 September in San Gaspar Ixchil in the town of Huehuetenango the Ministry of Culture and Sports -MCD- made public delivery Municipal Cultural Development Plan to the relevant authorities.

Aware of the importance of culture as a development of the Maya, garífuna, xinka y mestizo, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in coordination with the municipality of San Gaspar Ixchil, initiated a process for preparation of a Municipal Cultural Development Plan which was prepared by the participants in the Diploma called "Human Rights, Public Policies and Cultural Development ".

"This plan is delivered so that they have the instrument permitting operationalize and implement the actions are contemplated in the plan for strengthening and recovery of cultural values," said Juan José Notz, General Directorate of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures.

This project is presented as a strategy to generate changes in cultural management and to further define the tasks and responsibilities to be met by various cultural actors in the different areas of local cultural activity tool, between those safeguarding its cultural heritage, tangible e intangible, according to municipal cultural policies.

nota Entrega Pública del Plan Municipal de Desarrollo Cultural de San Gaspar Ixchil2

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