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Entregan imágenes restauradas del Templo Santa Teresa

Así lucen las imágenes después del proceso de restauración.

So look images after the restoration process.

Day 27 March, Center of Restoration of Furniture, IDAEH the Ministry of Culture and Sports, He takes delivery of two iconic images of Holy Week in Guatemala, the authorities of the Rectory Santa Teresa and members of the Association of Nazarene of Redemption, which every Holy Wednesday through the streets of the historic center of the capital city.

They are about Jesus Nazarene of Redemption and Our Lady of Sorrows, Temple Santa Teresa, which were admitted to IDAEH for conservation and restoration, the 03 April 2013, Managers at the request of the Association and Rector of the temple. His devotion and veneration goes back centuries of history, culture, tradition and folktales.

El IDAEH, After assessments, confirmed the urgent need to intervene promptly and professionally images. The problem was different in each, Jesus Nazareno highlighting structural weaknesses, loss of some details of the timber and abnormal posture, further hurting its originality, put at risk. The passage of the image was modified and the position of his arms had exceeded its aesthetic and structural capacity.

Similarly, over time damaged the size and incarnate, to which they resorted to some remozamientos on wood, application unsuitable to cover damages that arose pastas and, then repainting to disguise these invasive interventions, I was discrediting their aesthetic appearance. Environmental pollution had caused accumulation of layers of dirt, that stained the color of flesh.

Damage to the Virgin of Dolores were more evident in skin color, dramatically altered by environmental pollution, but exacerbated by humo of candles and incense, they gave an appearance overshadowed. Hands suffered sometime, consideration burns and some repainting and retouching poorly performed; whereby, the conservation process specifically planned, according to each issue.

The process has been an integral, also atendiéndose goldsmith of both images, correcting hurt and affected parties, and other recovering lost, doing deep cleaning of silver and gilded in gold, inter alia. It featured the particular collaboration of Fray Juan Manuel Siney OCD, Rector of St. Teresa, who personally developed metal structures, reported the Center for Restoration of Movable, IDAEH.

In the event the crew of restoration and conservation of CEREBIEM and the Director General of Cultural and Natural Heritage Oscar Mora who officially delivered images were present and also said he was proud of the work done by the restorers, since these images represent not only the religious heritage but it also Cultural Heritage Country.

The culmination of this conservation project, Jesus Nazarene of Redemption and Our Lady of Sorrows, will be carried on shoulders in a “Extraordinary Return Procession”, coming out of the Institute of Anthropology and History IDAEH, 12 avenue 11-11 area 1, on Saturday 29 March, from the 14:00 hours, to enter the temple to 18:00 hours, according to the route designated by the church and previously published.

The Culture, engine of development!

Professional team in charge of the restoration:

Mr. Luis Manuel Muñoz, Restorer project manager

Restorative Maria Luisa Lemus

Restaurateur Gabriel Galindo

Teacher Gilmar Méndez

Restorative France Monzón


Architect Aura Rose Flowers, Conservative

Center for Restoration of Movable, IDAEH


Phone 52040679

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