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Guatemalan writer delivered a presentation on literature and culture

The Guatemalan writer Esteban Francisco Sabino, gave a lecture on Wednesday 22, in the Great Hall of the Museum Mayamax Maya World in the third edition of the International Festival of the Maya Culture 2014 (Ficmaya), which takes place in Merida.

"The relationship between literature and culture" was the name of the paper with the writer born in Pueblo Nuevo-Ixcán, he gave audience to the Yucatan. "Bilingual literature promotes cultural encounter, for this we must respect other cultures ", commented.

Esteban Sabino read some of his poems in q'anjob'al subsequently translated into Spanish after claiming to be read in your own language, but you also need to learn another language and translate knowledge.

"It's an honor to be the guest country Guatemala and honor also come to this festival to talk about literature and culture", referred the speaker.

The event brings together 31 speakers from Guatemala, Russia, Spain, Germany, South Korea, U.S., Honduras and Mexico, in order to address issues such as sequences and architectural styles, ceramic and sculptural.

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