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Writer Victor Muñoz Wins National Award for Literature "Miguel Angel Asturias" 2013

The National Literary Prize "Miguel Angel Asturias" 2013, was awarded for his career and quality writer Victor Muñoz, which to this day is being performed ceremony, by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, which consists of Q50 thousand quetzals, gold medal and the publication of the book "The Queen ungrateful", by Editorial Culture.


Writer Victor Muñoz – National Prize for Literature "Miguel Angel Asturias" 2013

Víctor Muñoz was born in Guatemala, in 1950. He has published books of stories and number of stories, among which is the famous short story by which discloses Endearment applied to a specific case but you probably missed; plus novels.

Sus published novels are all want everything, Editorial Oscar Palacios de León, 1995; Sara smiles last, Magna Terra editores, 2000; Collado before irreparable life offenses, Magna Terra editores, 2004; and the night of 9 February, Reading point, 2013.

In 1998 was awarded the prize Mario Monteforte Toledo novel, Sara smiles for his work last. And in the year 2010, the Municipality of Guatemala City dedicated the Book Fair.

The special committee that was responsible for conducting the assessment, decided to award the prize to the Guatemalan writer Victor Muñoz, novelist who is, poet, narrator; also, for their literary qualities and the effect that has had this writer in Guatemala, indicó Leandro Yax, Deputy Culture.

A date has already been granted 26 national awards, the first was for the writer Luis Alfredo Arango 1988 and other writers as Mario Monteforte Toledo, Luz Méndez de la Vega, Augusto Monterroso, Carlos Navarrete and Marco Antonio Flores, inter alia.

What is being recognized is the validity of whom are continually writing, that's why an entire career and not only rewards the author for a work. In the case of Víctor Muñoz is a very nice but not superficial literature, has a psychological content and searches on the middle class, It is like a mirror of the middle class. If we look back, all previous prizes, are a continuous line with a good level and then try to maintain that high level, Francisco Morales Santos Express, member of the Advisory Council for Lyrics.

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