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Art Schools

It is incumbent formal art education and develops compliance, incumbent will perform the following functions:

  • Coordinate the planning process, implementation and evaluation of training activities and training.
  • Design and implement the training program and update faculty and staff art schools.
  • Coordinate outreach activities to the community.
  • Periodically evaluate the curriculum of schools.
  • Ensure evaluation and cataloging of teachers in schools.
  • Manage cultural exchanges nationally and internationally for teachers and students.
  • Promote community participation in educational processes.
  • Dissemination projects Generate artwork from local schools and country.
  • Generate research processes within the schools of art..
  • Coordinate the planning process, implementation and evaluation of educational activities in schools of art.

Arts National Schools are:

National School of Dance
5ta street 3-43 area 1, Guatemala, Central America.
Tel: (502) 2253-2568

National School of Drama
24 street 3-81 area 1,
Guatemala, Central America
Tel: (502) 2238-0416

National School of Plastic Arts
6 avenue 22-00 zona1.
Guatemala, Central America.
Tel: (502) 2253-4872

National School Marimba "Gilberto Martinez"
Canton Central, San Antonio Huista, Huehuetenango
career that offers: Musical Initiation Cycle
-Director: Maestro Luis Humberto Martinez Velasquez
-Phone: 3012-8036

National School of San Ildefonso Marimba Ixtahuacán
-Carrera offers: Musical Initiation Cycle
-Address: San Idelfonso Ixtahuacán, Huehuetenango.
-Director: Mauricio Maestro José Alfonso Castillo
-Phone: 7722-8692
-E-mail: josealfonsocastillo@hotmail.com / narciza1981@yahoo.com

National School Marimba Santa Ana Huista
-Address: Canton San José, Santa Ana Huista, Huehutenango,
-Carrera offers: Musical Initiation Cycle
-Director: Maestro William Misrahaim Morales Herrera
-Phone: 5723-6252
-E-mail: bandamusicaldesantaanahuista@yahoo.com

Regional Art School "Alfredo Galvez Suarez"
-Address: 3a. by. 2-12 area 2. Coban
-Carrera offers: Technical Arts
-Director: Maestro Abel Enrique Santos González
-Phone: 7952-1318
-E-mail: abel1701@intelnett.com

Regional Art School "Humberto Garavito"
-Address: 4a. street between 9 and 20 by. Area 3 Quetzaltenango.
-Carrera offers: Bachelor of Arts with specialization in Drawing
-Director: Maestro Hector Rolando Aguilar Orozco
-Phone: 7765-0558
-E-mail: rolaarte@gmail.com

Regional Art School "Lolo Beltran"
-Address: 3a. Street 3-49 Area 4 Retalhuleu
-Carrera offers: Musical Initiation, Technical Workshop leader and Bachelor in dance with a concentration in contemporary dance interpretation
-Director: Allan Saul Calvillo Morales
-Phone: 4367-2381
-E-mail: rafaelixcot@yahoo.com

Regional School of Arts "Manuel Herarte"
-Address: 8a. By. Final sur, area 12 Old Building Works, Athlete home front, Dept.. Chiquimula
-Carrera offers: Technical Arts
-Director: Maestro Alexis Mendez Hernandez
-Phone: 5246-3442
-E-mail: alexismendezh@hotmail.com

Regional Art School "Ovidio Rodas Corzo"
-Address: 3a, by, 2-12 Chichicastenango. Quiche.
-Carrera offers: Technical Arts
-Director: Master Manuel Mateo Suar
-Phone: 7756-1780
-E-mail: lumash_91188@hotamil.com

Regional Art School "Rafael Pereyra"
-Address: Cologne Area Center 1. Pimping
-Carrera offers: Technical Arts
-Director: Maestro Stuart Osmar Cortez Barrios
-Phone: 5157-8787
-E-mail: osmarte-grafismos@hotmail.com

Regional Art School "Sergio Lopez de Leon"
-Address: 15 Street and 6th Avenue Corner Since Barrios, Izabal
-Carrera offers: Technical Arts
-Director: Jannette Aldana
-Phone: 5865-1861
-E-mail: erasergiolopez@hotmail.com

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