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National Art Schools closed down the school year 2014

Escuelas Nacionales de Arte clausuran ciclo lectivo 2014_9214
Escuelas Nacionales de Arte clausuran ciclo lectivo 2014_9214

On Friday night 7 November in the Great Hall "Efrain Recinos' the school year of arts education institutions belonging to the Ministry of Culture and Sports was closed. The event was chaired by the Vice Minister of Culture, Clariza Castellanos, General Director of Arts, Lucia Weapons, Artistic Director of Training, Sonia Juárez Devaux, and the directors of each school.

In activity recognition Talent Award to outstanding students from each of the institutions gave. The winners were Esteban López Ramírez of the National School of Drama "Carlos Figueroa Juárez" (UNITED), María José Alcántara National Conservatory of Music "German Alcántara", Melanie Rocio Ramirez Girad of the National School of Dance "MarcelleBonge Devaux (ENDANZA) and Elda María Figueroa de León of National School of Arts "Rafael Rodríguez Padilla" (ENAP).

In activity Conservatory students participated with chamber orchestra played the overture of Barber of Seville Joaquino Rossini.Se contócon the guest soloists Gustavo Adolfo Palomo and Sara Dieguez.

In the second presentation, Students at the National Art School Dramáticorealizaron a comedy titled "Heaven Hell is indeed a" work of the original author DavusFugit. Finally,the National School of Dance "MarcelleBonge Devaux" (ENDANZA), they interpreted the work of Don Quixote "In a village of La Mancha".

Besides the students of the National School of Arts (ENAP), exhibited works of his autoríaen the Lobby of the Grand Chamber "Efraín Recinos.

Escuelas Nacionales de Arte clausuran ciclo lectivo 2014_9204

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