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Sand sculptures and other methods of artistic expression

In art school Izabal shattered the cultural expressions to integrate their teaching sand sculpture. The entity responsible for promoting this art is the Regional School "Sergio López de León" of Livingston, which celebrates its anniversary between 12 and 15 June. This time the activities corresponded to V Festival Sand Sculptures and Artistic Demonstrations to promote anniversary 24 School.

Being a Caribbean paradise never lack the raw material for instructors with clever designs that promote the teaching of this and other art forms. The truth is that at the national level is the first to include practices of this nature in his educational activities.

But his field of teaching is not confined only to the sand sculpture. It is also an educational center of excellence in technical and drawing, painting with watercolor and acrylic techniques. It also promotes sociocultural projection and inclusion in all sectors. The school has children participation, youth and adults, whose scope is greater than one thousand students.

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