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Wake 27.

Report theft.



Date of Theft: 13 October 2001

Location of Theft: Dos Pilas Archaeological Site, Petén.

Object Type: Fragment of Stela.

Matterthe: Lithic.

Technique: Size.

Dimensions: 50 cms. High approx.

Title: Wake 27.

Topic: Historical.

Periodsthe: Late Classic (600-900 d. C.).

Author: Cultura Maya.

Description: Fragment of Stela 27 that was cut from the workpiece corresponding to the top of the same. Is fragmented. It has carved emblem glyph iconographic image of Dos Pilas.


Register of Cultural Property, Ministry of Culture and Sports of Guatemala.

Without Registration Form.


Report: BN / CE / MCD / OID # 6




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