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Students from the National School of Dance participate in local competition

certamen municipal de danza_0251
certamen municipal de danza_0251

The 28 August II ended the Municipal Children and Youth Classical Dance Competition, activity in which students of the National School of Dance (UNITED) Ministry of Culture and Sports and was organized by the capital's municipality.

The 25 to the 28 August various activities related to classical dance aimed at children were conducted from 10 years old, to youth 20 age, All dance students and representatives from different schools and dance academies in our country.

According to event organizers, this event is a cultural and artistic exchange in which participants have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience in classical dance with other students, besides receiving workshops taught by professionals in this branch of art.

The closing ceremony was held at the Cultural Center of Spain located in the building of the former Cine Lux, Historic Downtown Capital. To end this contest classical dance contest where students participated in the children's and youth categories in the male and female branches was performed.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts majoring in Dance Teaching ENAD, They gave the audience at the closing ceremony, a sample of his talent and his skills in classical dance at the time of each of their presentations.

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