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Expose the Mayan Ball Game in Merida, Yucatán

The Traditional Mayan Ball Game, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Substantive Program Department of Sport and Recreation, was presented at the International Festival of the Maya Culture (FICMaya 2014), Merida, Yucatán.

Exposure of the ancient game was presented on Sunday 19 on the esplanade of the Great Maya Museum of Merida World, Yucatec public versus admired the solemnity with which the players performed the ceremony and subsequent play, where they displayed the skill of the ancient Maya by his contemporaries.

Similarly met on Monday 20 Central Square in the city of Merida, Guatemalan players had a meeting with representatives of the Association of Sports and Games Indigenous and Traditional Yucatan, with whom they exchanged knowledge and techniques of the game each practice.

"The traditional game allowed the ancient Mayan gods ask the wellness and balance in nature: water for their crops, and peace and harmony among families ", Manrique said Esquivel, Director of Ball Maya
Settlement of Yucatan, Mexico.

For Elder Manuel Aceytuno, Maya Ball Player of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, this is an opportunity to show how our ancestors played: "We regret that the constant rain we were unable to carry out the demonstration of both countries in a friendly challenge", concluded.

The third edition of the International Festival of the Maya Culture (FICMaya) 2014, has as main theme “The architecture in the weather and landscape Mayab”.

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