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Invade Equestrian Exhibition Gallery

On Wednesday 11 July debuted on public exhibition the sculptor Romulo Reyes with his collection entitled "Equine" that remain for 15 days at the "Enrique Acuña" National School of Plastic Arts "Rafael Rodríguez Padilla".

expocisión de equinos_0377

The collection was opened by the Deputy Minister of Culture, Leandro Yax, in company with the directors of the School, Eight Arana and Irma Luz Amparo Toledo. Students attended academic institution, special guests and journalists.

In his first public, the artist was excited by the sharing with students and teachers of the School, well as the Deputy Minister of Culture. Romulo Reyes first put his work in a gallery, despite having more than 10 years of experience in creating sculptures.

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Self-taught, Reyes focuses his attention to horses, a topic that addresses given su hobby to these animals. The works are made of fiberglass carved and sober show finish paint for cars, giving them a bright hue and striking. A criterion of the artist, inside you can store bottles or other objects that the owner provided.

exposición de equinos_0548

In his dissertation, Yax Deputy Minister expressed his satisfaction with the participation in the exhibition Reyes. "For me it's always an honor to come to school activities because here you can watch high quality activities".

At the end Romulo Reyes urged to continue their artistic work and be an example for students and future generations of creators.

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Culture, engine of development!

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