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Aníbal López dies artist A -1 53167

esquela anibal lopez-01
esquela anibal lopez-01

The art world mourns, this time, for the death of the painter Aníbal López (1964 – 2014). During his career, performed solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, inter alia. In his works, Lopez used several painting techniques on canvas and oil, acrylic paint and other. Also, also highlighted to venture into photographic works and video.

Significantly, in the mid nineteen 90, artists began to use a personal stamp on their artwork, and this, their ID (A-1 53167).

In 1996, received the "Glyph of Gold", distinction was awarded in 10a Biennial Art Paiz. Aníbal López an artist who embodied in his work a different way of interpreting reality through their different perspectives.

His presentations

He participated in 1997 Perception Shows in, at the National Museum of Modern Art "Carlos Merida"; in 1999 en The Americas Collection. Over 2012, participated in numerous activities related to the art world. Also in 2013, participated in a sample of postmodern art, with other national artists, among other activities.

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