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Song and Poetry Festival Achi

The "Festival of Song and Poetry Achi language" was held on 28 May at the headquarters of the Academy of Mayan Languages-ALMG- Rabinal, Baja Verapaz, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Directorate General of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures.

The activity was attended various schools in the city and authorities of the MCD. The jury was composed of Guillermo Morales Chen, Guillermo Hernández y Fernando SheeL. The second commission was to Poetry, formed by Gregorio Morente, Joseph Estrada and Manuel Román.

To select the winners of the Festival, the jury took the following criteria: In the area of ​​singing were laafinación, timbre, presentation and interpretation. In the area of ​​Poetry, memorizing, pronunciation, posture and movement, inter alia.

Winners in singing are: Teresa Gómez Iboy the I.N.E.B. Xococ; Gerson Abraham García, Nazarene College and Sara Izabel Tuis, New Dawn College, with the first, second and third respectively.

For his part, winners were poetic branch: Martina Ruiz Camaja College New Dawn; Manuel Osorio Ixpatá New Hope and Jose Alberto Reyes New Dawn Foundation College.

The winners of both categories were presented with certificates of recognition, merit badges and a trophy for their outstanding participation in the Festival. The award was given by Dr. Demetrio Cojtí, Director of the Cultural Development Unit and Capacity Cultures MCD.

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