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HUG Summer Festival 2015


Festival de Verano ABRAZARTE

Under the motto "Embrace sibling through Art", seven artistic institutions of the Ministry of Culture and Sports will be united again in the Summer Festival "hug 2015.", to be held in the Open Air Theater "Otto René Castillo" Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias's 12 to the 15 March 2015.

Participate and Modern Ballet Folklorico Nacional, Ballet Nacional de Guatemala, concert marimbas: Women, of Fine Arts and the National Palace of Culture; Guatemala National Choir and the National Symphony Orchestra.

The realization of this festival and joining art institutions, promotes cultural diffusion in an iconic scene for Guatemala. The Open Air Theatre was the first cultural space that was installed in the "Miguel Angel Asturias" Cultural Center.

The coordination of the event is handled by the Directorate-General of Arts, through the Technical Development Division of the Arts. Along with art institutions will be the Maya Ball Game, that will show the public by the dynamics performed in the ancient Maya ceremonial activities ballgame.

Festival schedules are: Thursday 12 National Symphony Orchestra (19:00 hours), Friday 13 Women Marimba Concerto (09:00 hours), Concert Marimba National Palace of Culture (18:00 hrs), Guatemala National Ballet (18:45 hrs), Saturday 14 Maya Ballgame (15:00 hrs), Recreation Festival (16:00 hrs), Ballet Moderno y Folklórico (17:00 hrs), Guatemala National Choir (17:45 hrs), Sunday 15 Maya Ballgame (15:00 hrs), Recreation Festival (16:00 hrs), Concert Marimba Fine Arts (17:00 hrs). In all events will be selling food.
Admission to the Festival will be through donations. Attendees are requested to bring five pounds of beans, rice, corn and / or sugar. Total donations will be Jocotán community in Chiquimula, thereby contributes to the Zero Hunger governing pact. The Directorate General of Arts continuously performs activities to benefit the neediest, so the collaboration of Guatemalan be essential to continue the social service activities.
The Culture, engine of development!

More information: Directorate General of Arts / Art Development Division. PBX 2239-5000 ext. 3537

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