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Folkloric Festival in Cobán

Today, the organizers of the National Folk Festival in Coban, with support from the Ministry of Culture and Sports-MCD- gathered at the National Palace of Culture, unveiled festival activities that will be conducting the 24 to the 28 July in Coban, Alta Verapaz.

The aim of this festival, is the exchange of cultural prints originating from each region and the election and investiture of Queen Rabin Ajau (Daughter of the King), event Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation, by MCD. Is an event of Guatemalan costumes and folk dances interspersed with the more pleasant diversity.

Rabin Ajaw

Folkloric Festival in Cobán

This event has its origins in the first fair of Coban, Fair christened Departmental, organized in August 1936, Coban time which enjoyed great economic prosperity mainly due to the export of coffee.

El Festival Folklórico 2013 will take place from 24 to the 28 July. On Wednesday 24 July, from the 9:00 Hrs., will welcome the various delegations, Monja Blanca in the Tribune. On Thursday 25 to 9:00 Hrs., Mayan ceremony Maxiguan caves, Chamelco municipality and from the 15 Hrs., participants parade through the streets of Coban.

Rabin Ajaw

The event will be held Saturday summit 27 July, with the election and coronation of the new queen, Rabin Ajaw for the period 2013-2014 in the gymnasium of the National Institute of Youth and Sport-INJUD-.

The 28 July will be held the traditional parade, which is presented to the new sovereign people of Coban. Paabanc also held in honor of the new King's daughter.

Culture is an engine for development of the country, for example in the city of Antigua Guatemala, when Easter arrives, studies have been done that are about Q600 million quetzals which means that reactivation,

Rabin Ajaw

We are building a culture satellite account and there is a possibility that next year we do a preliminary study of what the economic impact of Coban folk festival to demonstrate technically that culture is not only spending, but see it as an investment because culture is able to generate income and welfare, Leandro said Yax, Deputy Culture.

Culture, engine of development!


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