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ICF International Film Festival Puebla 2014

on tour in Guatemala, This March 13 to the 15 we will be in Quetzaltenango, rally where a film was made part of the program CINE LLANERO, where more than 90 young people in particular made his short time with the support of the Central American University, Panamericana, Rafael Landivar and University Students Association of the West (Time) CUNOC, University of San Carlos of Guatemala Quetzaltenango.

We have the names of short in national competition:


1. As lives dies – You. Roger Xón
2. Nobody imagines – You. Pablo Velasco
3. Santa Clown – You. Max Deyet
4. Perspectives – You. Miguel Hernández Bolaños
5. No wish you saw – You. Brian Gracia
6. An Ice Cream park my love – You. Maynor Cano Calderón
7. A story to tell – You. Gustavo Recinos
8. An Urban Legend – You. Alexander Hernández
9. 202 Millions – You. Wilber Gramajo
10. Bungee Rab’bit – You. Francisco Barreda Samayoa
11. Put yourself in my shoes – You. Dinabel Romero
12. Dangerous Networks – You. José de León

1. Conversemos – You. Johnny Gonzalez

2. “We are them” – You. Wilson Puac


1. Love is like the wind – You. Alex García

We invite you to visit social networks IFTF in Guatemala or FIC Puebla, Thank promote the event.

Attached are some photos, the program for three days and the invitation to the inauguration Thursday 13 at 7pm in the auditorium of the University of Quetzaltenango Mesoamerican.

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