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Anthropomorphic figurine.


Theft Report.



Date of Theft: 12 April 2005.

Place of Theft: Archaeological Site Old Resume, Municipality of San Martin Jilotepeque, Chimaltenango Department, Guatemala.

Object Type: Anthropomorphic figurine

Matterthe: Ceramics

Technique: Molded / Modeling

Dimensions: Stop 10.5 cms approx. Max. 07.0 cms. Approx.

Title: Anthropomorphic figurine.

Period: Postclassic (900-1524 d.C.)

Author: Cultura Maya

DESCRIPTION: Anthropomorphic figurine depicting a woman sitting on their possible legs intertwined. The face shows his eyes and mouth open, circular ears, bead necklace, arms bent at the elbow, with the right arm held against your chest which seems to be a zoomorphic, possibly mono, under his legs has two horizontal parallel grooves, then arcing grooves; around the head has an extension with a circular opening at each end cross, a white line follows the contour of the head, besides whiteheads. At the rear, but is missing, straight lines one can observe, curves and white points. Regular repair. Restored missing.


Registry of Cultural Property. / General Cultural and Natural Heritage. Ministry of Culture and Sports. Registration No.


Theft Report No. 53

Register of Cultural Property, Unit Prevention of Illicit Traffic of Cultural Heritage.


Phone (502) 2426-0718


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