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FILGUA invites the revolutionary decade conversatorio


En el marco de la conmemoración y homenaje al centenario del nacimiento de Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán, a date that should not go unnoticed, Friday 2 de agosto en FILGUA se presentará el conversatorio: "Agreements and disagreements, perspectiva de la década revolucionaria”, Jorge Mario Martínez and Edmundo Urrutia, bajo la moderación de Carlos Sarti, Foundation Director Propaz.

The discussion will take place on Friday beginning at 17:30 horas en la sala Leonor Paz y Paz dentro del Parque de la Industria, lugar donde se está desarrollando la Feria Internacional del Libro en Guatemala.

The impetus for organizing this roundtable discussion, es porque resulta sumamente importante para las y los guatemaltecos, examine, destacar y enfocar críticamente ese período crucial de nuestra historia, haciendo conciencia del conocimiento que tenemos los y las guatemaltecas; also, sobre lo que conocemos y lo que desconocemos de la historia contemporánea, the interests of the different stories and versions and perspectives from which have been addressed.


Jorge Mario Martínez, Social anthropologist ENA, specialized in Maya and Nahuatl literature, researcher Mexican institutions, and research professor at the School of Anthropological Sciences at the Autonomous University of Yucatan where he founded the department of linguistics and comparative literature. Rabinal Achi translated into Spanish version ALAIN BRETON. He has published

trials in Europe journals, and in recent years he was a contributor to the magazine La Ermita several critical essays. Research topics of colonial history and literature Hispanic American, particularly work on the literature of Miguel Angel Asturias. His forays into the realm of classical Indian literature led him to examine some aspects of the translation of the Popol Vuh and between their areas of interest include the history of the Guatemalan revolution, reason for this forum.

Edmundo Urrutia, philosopher from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala to study Political Science. Professor at several universities, He has written on political parties, fiscal policies. It differs in their work areas as Corrector Style and has published two novels: Wreck of words and Journey to the Center of nowhere.

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