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Festival ends June in its eleventh edition in the National Theatre "Miguel Angel Asturias"

Finaliza Festival de Junio en su XI 5
Finaliza Festival de Junio en su XI 5

The Guatemalan audience at the 70 events that took place during the June Festival in its eleventh edition, He had the opportunity to appreciate the participation 900 national and international artists; presented throughout the month on different artistic disciplines: Music, Dance, Theater, Literature, Exhibitions, inter alia.

The closing of the Festival was held on Sunday 28 June, with presentations Estudiantina Monteflor experiencing the event interlayer, Cups and Couplets in the Great Hall of the Cultural Center "Miguel Angel Asturias"; Sofia and Alejandro Vidal “Thanks for the music” in the Chamber Theatre “Hugo Carrillo” and Amadanza in the main square “Oceana”.

The representatives of the Technical Committee of the June Festival 2015 They fired the event and got to know that this year is attended by more than 17 asisitieron thousand people to the activities planned, above 50 thousand people reached in social networks 3 Shared magazines thousand population.

For his part, Lucia Weapons, Director General of Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, He stressed the valuable support, thanking the audience for attending the June Festival events and each of the artists and urging them to support in the other events to be presented in the coming months National Theatre.

For Raul Monterroso, Director del Centro Cultural “Miguel Angel Asturias” The main objective of this event was to help raise our being through art and culture, which strengthens our human nature.

Alejandro Vidal, National Artist, projection that what drives him to continue participating in this event is “The fact that they have reopened the doors of such representative and historic site as the Chamber Theatre; I've said it before and I repeat: as a child I dreamed that stand on stage and sing or act and I did, what has made this unforgettable experience and I am deeply grateful”.

Artistic institutions of the Ministry of Culture and Sports offered Cultural Shows

The 7 to the 21 June, activities by the Ministry of Culture and Sports was developed with the different artists that represent: Ballet Nacional de Guatemala, Modern and Folkloric Ballet Nacional, Marimba Concert of Fine Arts and the National Symphony Orchestra of Guatemala. Who conducted different concerts for the audience.

Besides of 1 to the 28, within the premises at the Cultural Center “Miguel Angel Asturias” in the first and second level of the lobby they were unveiled several art exhibitions of the masters of the plastic as; Manolo Gallardo, Evelyn Rios, Vasquez Maugdo, Lidia Cruz Calvillo and Cristian Gramajo.

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