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Signing of agreement opens the door to cooperation toward cinema

Convenio MCD y Fundacion CA_0251
Convenio MCD y Fundacion CA_0251

Authorities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports signed a cooperation agreement with representatives of the CA Foundation to launch the film unit that will work attached to this government agency. The signing was held on Thursday 5 September in a ceremony held at the Hall of Ministers of Culture and Sports of the National Palace of Culture.

The cooperation agreement was signed by the Deputy Minister of Culture, Clariza Castellanos, as representative of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. By the CA Foundation, was commissioned to subscribe representative María Luisa Pérez Alonso. With this document the cultural relations between the two institutions will start and aim to strengthen the film development in Guatemala, and other artistic disciplines.

Activity was present in the film director Carlos Argüello who is a key partner for this project. During his speech he talked about his experience in audiovisual production and how to provide its expertise to the success of the activities. And the embroidery, Director of Casa Comal, Elias Jimenez, will constitute the primary liaison between the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the CA Foundation.

Under the agreement, through the Ministry spaces to boost mutual cooperation projects related to film culture is open. Besides teaching and promote learning about culture, art and creativity in general. With the signing of this document dissemination activities related to film festivals and promoting public activities related to cinematography will also encourage. Currently the Ministry supports the implementation of the Audiovisual Icaro Festival held every year in the country.

The institutional commitment also provides that technical cooperation be promoted in order to make cultural and artistic training to all sectors. The activities generated as a result of this relationship are part of the actions taken by the government to promote the culture and art of Guatemala.

The relationship will create new spaces for emerging and established artists to grow their activities. Also, industries related to cultural and artistic strengthen economy.

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