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Firman Inter-Institutional Coordination

Las dos instituciones se comprometieron a través de este convenio, a fortalecer la equidad de género.

The two institutions agreed through this agreement, strengthen gender equality.

In order to establish the basis for the institutionalization of gender and ethnicity within the Ministry of Culture and Sports, was signed on 12 February, an inter-institutional coordination between the Ministry and the Presidential Secretariat for Women SEPREM. The agreement was signed by Charles Batzin, Minister and Elizabeth Quiroa, Secretariat.

The agreement will be a means to implement laws and policies relating to human rights of women from multicultural diversity, multiethnic and multilingual. It also seeks to, prevention of violence against women, and compliance of the National Policy for the Promotion and Integral Development of Women PNPDIM and Equal Opportunity Plan PEO 2008-2013.

The Constitution of the Republic, establishes the principle of equality for all citizens, men and women without any discrimination, Based on this premise, Guatemala has also joined other international conventions, such as the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), Platform for Action of the Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing de 1995 and the Inter-American Convention to Prevent, Punishment and Eradication of Violence against Women, inter alia.

Stresses in recitals, it is essential coordinating interagency efforts to effectively advance the framework of the laws and policies adopted by the State and Government of Guatemala, promote and strengthen the recognition of economic, social, political and cultural rights of women; respecting its multiethnic and multilingual diversity and to foster and promote the transformation of social and cultural patterns that support discrimination, exclusion and racism, initiating the transformation of the institutional culture.

Both institutions are committed to reviewing and updating laws and policies, in its internal structure and the provision of external services, ensuring compliance with national and international commitments that are part of this agreement and successive having a direct connection with the advancement in the same. The agreement is effective from this day and end on 31 December 2016.

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