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Glyphic Stairway Fragment.

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Date of Theft: 31 December 2002

Location of Theft: Dos Pilas Archaeological Site, Petén.

Object Type: Glyphic Stairway Fragment.

Matterthe: Limestone.

Technique: Size.

Dimensions: 60 cms. long and 35 cms. High.

Title: Glyphic Stairway Fragment.

Topic: Historical.

Periodsthe: Late Classic (600-900 d. C.)

Author: Cultura Maya.

Description: Step fragment ascent 6, Staircase 2, Section E, L5-49 structure. The fragment corresponds to the front of the step and contains 4 composite glyphs.


Registry of Cultural Property. / General Cultural and Natural Heritage. Ministry of Culture and Sports.


Report: MCD / OID # 1-03



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