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Ou changes Francisco Rose of Peace

This day the ceremony of the Changing of the Rose of Peace was held at the National Palace of Culture, which was awarded to Francisco Ou, Presidente the Overseas Investment & Development Corp; OIDC Taiwán, for his contribution to strengthening the bonds of union between Guatemala and the Republic of China, Taiwan, said Carlos Batzin, Minister for Culture and Sports.

Francisco Ou was Ambassador of the Republic of China, Taiwan in Guatemala in the years 1990 a 1996 and during a second period of 2008 to the 2009. In years 1996 to the 2000 he served as Deputy Foreign Minister. He is currently the President of Overseas Investment & Development Corp; OIDC Taiwán, company responsible for the construction of the highway leading from Puerto Barrios to Guatemala.

Meanwhile Francisco Ou said he was very happy to be linked back to Guatemala with the road project to Puerto Barrios and thanked the Minister of Culture to distinguish change in honor of the rose and be a messenger of peace.

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