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Officials of the Ministry of Culture and Sports Participating in Workshops

Participantes del Taller de Derechos Humanos.

Participants of the Workshop on Human Rights.

During the months of September and October, officials and officials of the Ministry of Culture and Sports-MCD- have been involved in several training workshops, organized by the Human Resources Department, in coordination with other government, have the goal of updating the ministry staff in social and human.

Karin according Cross, Head of Staff Development, these trainings have been conducted at the request of Carlos Batzin, Minister. He also indicated that for each workshop is a call to all addresses that make-MCD- and on average have been participating 35 people.

Topics include social and humanitarian, greatly benefit workers, not only in the workplace but also at home and in places where they interact with other people.

The Presidential Commission Against Discrimination and Racism against Indigenous Peoples in Guatemala-CODISRA- and the Human Rights Ombudsman, PDH-, have been in charge of providing the workshops, with specialized trainers on topics such as: Discrimination and Racism, Human Rights, Gender Equality, Masculinity and Conflict Resolution, inter alia.

In each workshop, attendees had the opportunity to interact and share with collaborators from the directorates that form the-MCD-. In the month of October will continue with these workshops, scenarios using as the Golden Hall of the Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias and hotels in the capital city.

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