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Award recognizes altruistic Cultural Center

The award "Efrain Recinos" is a token of appreciation to officials of the Cultural Center "Miguel Angel Asturias" given to people who help maintain the grounds. This year, the 16 June paid tribute to four people who magnify their daily activities from art and culture.

In presenting the recognition involved the Minister of Culture and Sports Carlos Batzin authorities and Cultural Center. Presentation of the award was made to two representatives of the Theatre: Arlemy Valenzuela and Efrain Rodriguez. He gave the singer Paola Garcia in the arts and the National Folkloric Ballet and Modern by holding their 50 year anniversary.

The activity was accompanied by two musical performances by the Sisters duet tracks of operatic Penedo cut. Giovanni Lopez and songwriter who also promotes its musical material entitled "The Dream of Aries" was also presented

The Award was created Efrain Recinos through Ministerial Agreement 395-2007 and is awarded annually during June, month in which the anniversary of the Cultural Center commemorates.

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