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Google Doodle dedicated his Carlos Mérida

carlos merida banner
carlos merida banner

The Doodle Today Google honors of his image Carlos Mérida, Guatemalan painter and sculptor, who was born on 2 December 1891 in the city of Quetzaltenango.

Born Mérida ago 122 years old, beginning a journey that would lead him to cross the borders of reality, the dream and myth. A journey that, also, would make him one of the most critical minds for Latin American art of the twentieth century.

The beginnings of Merida as an artist were marked by European avant-garde, specifically Fauvism, even though by then his work has focused on finding the pre-Columbian roots.

In 1919 moves to Mexico, where he actively participated in the renovation of the Mexican muralists. In 1945 painted plastic Ramblings series about a Aztec theme, synthesized in which the decorative elements of the pre-Columbian architecture through the creation of a system of signs of changing figures.

That moving geometry gave way to abstraction of the murals, among which the Central Bank of Guatemala (1956) and the Children's Library of the Ministry of Education (Mexico, 1960).

Merida worked with many renowned painters, among them Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros.

Among the awards he received are, the gold medal of the Directorate General of Culture and Fine Arts in Guatemala 1965 and in 1980 “Order of the Aztec Eagle” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico.

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