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In the last presentation of the 8th. National Theatre Festival, Sunday night 14 April and first performed at the Cultural Center Scenic cube Miguel Angel Asturias, the Sotz'il Group which was closed with a flourish, presenting the theme that characterizes, the "Essence of the Earth", in which seven people participate in a ritual ceremony, representing water, fire, air and land.

The sunset scene was featured representations of the fish, Grandma, Moon, dog and eagle, who expressed the pain, Revenge, anger and especially the protection of mother nature.

El 8vo. National Theatre Festival presents 16 works 12 days, which 15 were staged at the Theatre House "Hugo Carrillo" CCMAA and the last in the Scenic Cube. The 12 days gave way to large national arts groups, with the assistance of public Guatemalan, and European.


Once again, Guatemalan Theater Network celebrated her 8th. National Theatre Festival, presenting the 2 to the 13 April, works great with the participation and organization of 23 Featured artists, including producer and actor Luis Román, one of the founders of this great event.

Natural elements manifest their power through songs, melodies and movements, engrandan life and make it dance, trace their way into the heart of Mother Earth pace and clarity of grandmother moon. "Grupo Sotzil".

The Culture, engine of development!

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