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Guatemalans attend evening to museums

noche en la calle de los museos_5
noche en la calle de los museos_5

For the fifth consecutive year the event was held "One night on the street museum", in the Street of Museums, 5Th street, between 7 and 11 Avenue area 13. The cultural festival began at 18 hours with the opening of the Musée National d'Art Moderne "Carlos Mérida", National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, the National Museum of Natural History, the Children's Museum and the Guatemalan French Alliance.

Until 23 hours, counted over organizers 5 thousand people attended family to learn about the museum artefacts which houses each enclosure. The entrance to the museum was completely free. On the street a show that featured crafts settled, food products and souvenirs activity.

This dynamic is driven by the Ministry of Culture and Sports together with the Municipality of Guatemala, the French Alliance and the Children's Museum.

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