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Guatemala joined the Challenge Day

Guatemala, 28 May 2014. The Ministry of Culture and Sport via the Department of Sport and Recreation, held Challenge Day in the Plaza of the Constitution with the company over a thousand people, under the slogan If you move your, the world will move you!

The activity involved the 10 substantive programs that the Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation is responsible (Childhood, Youth, Maya Ballgame, Elderly, Adult Labor, Woman, Special Abilities, Inclusion and Coexistence, Sporting and Recreation Festivals and Special Events; and Federations: Arco kick, Boxing, Jack, Baseball, Table tennis, Athletics, inter alia.

The activities are also conducted in Parque Erick Barrondo, Sports Centre Gerona, Roosevelt Fields, Field of Mars, in different schools, schools, private and public entities. Inside the country departmental promoters were also active in their communities, and at different locations of the institutions that make Conader.

Challenge Day takes place on the last Wednesday in May sponsored by the International Association of Sport for All (TAFISA), an organization that promotes sport for all, based in Germany. On 2013, Guatemala reported participation 139 thousand Guatemalans.

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