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Findings reveal Chilonche Artistic Importance

consolidacion (3) copyThe first scientific findings Chilonche Palace, specifically in the fourth six, unveiled this day Dr. Cristina Vidal Lorenzo, Scientific Director of the Archaeological Project White, by the University of Valencia, Spain, in coordination with the University of San Carlos of Guatemala USAC, studies that have the backing of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

It is an extraordinary find the information provided by, both historically and in the pictorial technique and artistic point of view, are exceptional artistically. It has the three aspects: historical, painting technique and artistic excellence; Figures great plasticity, colors and also by the good condition, relatively good conditions somewhere in the tropics, Cristina indicated Vidal.

In the most notorious Chilonche finding is a room with a mural of the Late Classic period of great quality, therefore his technique as for the reasons and the contents of their texts. It's fresco, as Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, Vidal said. This room was closed by the ancient Maya and as a result the paintings have been preserved in good condition.

Chilonche is a private area that is located 17 Km. southwest Archaeological Project White, in Melchor de Mencos, Petén. I'm in a private estate gives us some problems to perform conservation actions, especially on the issue of looting. This year the project reported new looting, does not yet allow us to be able to open to tourism, signal Rosa Maria Chan, Viceministra de Patrimonio Cultural y Natural.

The colors used Maya artists in the paintings out of the ground: eg red, ground iron oxide is mixed with water and; white is white lime, carbon black and yellow goethite. Maya blue is very interesting, is vegetal, leaf extract indigo.

There are characters in the paintings of the elite, male, Girls, Child, elderly, young, all categories and many have your name next to them. Identify the name and date, son historical data of primera mano, Vidal said.

In other rooms of the same building there are remains of wall paintings but having been exposed to the elements have largely disappeared. All this shows the artistic and cultural importance of the archaeological site.

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Press Conference on Findings in Chilonche

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