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“Threads that tell stories and traditions”, lemma 4 °. contest

anchor concurso de huipiles054
anchor concurso de huipiles054

Anchor Hilos, the Museo Ixchel and the Ministry of Culture and Sports MCD, this day are announcing the launch of the 4th. Huipiles Contest 2013, “Threads that tell stories and traditions”, which seeks to reward the dedication and creativity of women weavers in Guatemala.

Knit a huipil requires great care and working hours, but also a matter of pride and satisfaction for your carrier. El concurso premiará dos categorías: Innovación y Creatividad y Tejido y Bordado. La inscripción está abierta desde el 15 closes July 16 August, therefore invites all weavers of the country to participate.

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The blouses will be receiving the 16 to the 30 September at the Museo Ixchel, at the headquarters of Cultural Promoters Ministry of Culture and Sports (located in Quetzaltenango, Solola, Alta Verapaz, Quiche, Totonicapan, San Marcos, Suchitepequez and Chimaltenango) and warehouse Art in Quetzaltenango.

Huipiles, besides being a work of art, also mean an aspect cosmogenic, identify strongly with the colors, wildlife and vegetation of the place, also express important features of Guatemalan literature, The Popol Vuh is present in many blouses, Leandro said Yax, Deputy Culture.


Among the traditions that still exist in the Mayan culture, destaca el uso del huipil en las mujeres, thus reflects the history of a people who have given life to the enduring art of weaving and weaving with wit, expressive power and creativity.

The assembly techniques used for making them is based on the use of currently loom and new materials are incorporated. In some villages began to be woven into the fabric of pedals and this must be added the adoption of new motifs. With the passage of time, a number of innovations in materials, designs and other elements have been transforming the huipil up today.

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This time the Directorate of Cultural Development and Strengthening MCD Cultures, is supporting the 4th. Huipiles Contest 2013, to continue supporting the Guatemalan culture and promoting the tradition that helps preserve the tangible heritage of an ancient tradition.

Knowledge, Diversity techniques, the motives and meanings, are the intangible heritage that sustains. Both will be perpetuated to the extent that women are still wearing their costumes.

Culture, engine of development!

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