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"Historians are exposed on Art and the October Revolution"

On Wednesday 16 October 2013, Research Commission Art in Guatemala “CIAG” and the Department of Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Sports-MCD-, presented at the Hugo Carrillo Chamber Theatre Cultural Center Miguel Angel Asturias, Roundtable "BEAUTY AND THE OCTOBER REVOLUTION".

Historiadores participaron en la  mesa redonda "La estética y la revolución de octubre".

Historians took part in the round table “Aesthetics and the October Revolution”.

The activity was attended by renowned historians, as Edgar Barillas, that developed the theme "Architecture and Urbanism in the Revolution", Fernando Urquizú with "Marian Devotion from other realms in Guatemala", Gabriel Morales Castellanos spoke on "The mural during the government of Juan José Arévalo" and John Haroldo Rodas delved into "The Aesthetics 44-54 during the revolutionary governments".

Participated as moderator Jorge Solares. The expertise of each one of the speakers allowed, not only increase knowledge and understanding of economic and political processes, but also know its interrelationship with artistic and cultural affairs, over the years 1944 and 1954.

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