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Hollywood en Guatemala

In a press conference held at the Banquet Hall of the National Palace of Culture, was made the official announcement of the talk entitled "Hollywood in Guatemala", to be held in the Great Hall "Efraín Recinos" Centro Cultural "Miguel Angel Asturias" next 24 September at 18:30 hours.

This talk will be given by executive producers and filmmakers Mark and Daniel Chuba Dippé, both pioneers in visual and digital effects in the American film industry known as Hollywood world. Both filmmakers have over 10 years of experience in developing films that implement the new animation techniques.

Some of the movies that are in their productions are Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, X-Men, The Chronicles of Narnia and recently the Hunger Games.

This talk is the first activity undertaken by the Ministry of Culture and Sports with the CA Foundation within the framework of the agreement recently signed by both institutions, in order to strengthen the quality of audiovisual productions made in Guatemala.

Clariza Castellanos Deputy Minister of Culture, indicated that the work that are planned with the Foundation CA, will promote the film industry and hopes that both domestic and foreign private firms interested in this project which promotes the dissemination of the culture of Guatemala.

Carlos founder of "Studio C" and representative of the CA Foundation Argüello, He said the activity scheduled for Wednesday 24, It is aimed at young people and all those movie lovers and interested in film production, as the two North American producers will share their experiences and anecdotes in conducting mega film productions.

Admission to the activity is no cost and to book tickets can call the phone number 23142123, as space is limited.

Hollywood en Guate

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