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Render symphonic tribute to Fidel Funes

Foto Pedro Agustín/AGN

Foto Pedro Agustín/AGN

The union of two musical genres as a result had a tribute to Fidel Funes Guatemalan artist, in an assembly between your marimbistico whole and the National Symphony Orchestra. The last activity was held in the Great Hall "Efraín Recinos" Centro Cultural "Miguel Angel Asturias" 11 September. The concert was attended by Carlos Batzin, Minister for Culture and Sports.

The tribute consisted of an ensemble of instruments between Fidel Funes Marimba Orchestra and the National Symphony Orchestra, occasion of the 34 years the whole master Funes. The first part of the concert featured the interpretation of Guatemalan music with pieces like Migdalia Azucena, They are typical and Soy Zacapa, inter alia. This part included the participation of guest conductor Ramiro Vivar.

The repertoire of the second included subjects Marimba Orchestra as Fidel Funes What girl, White flies and Illusions, inter alia. The guest conductor for this second part was Vinicio Quezada. After the activity, Culture Minister Carlos Batzin, presented a recognition by Fidel Funes 34 year history of the marimba orchestra.

During activity, Funes said: "I feel happy because for the first time in 34 years old, I stand at the National Theatre. I thank the Ministry of Culture and Sports Carlos Batzin for this tribute ".

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